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Welcome to The Tour! Welcome to Dance With Us! We are excited to open our doors!

This page provides an overview of the different pages and components of the platform.

For a visual overview of the site, view the Platform Tour video below, narrated by Daniel.


Highlighted features and upcoming films.


Here’s where you can learn about the history of the platform, the Company’s history with a year-by-year archive of activities, and the dancers and other collaborators.


This page explains what dance is, how to make it, ways to think about it, and ways to enjoy it! The Theater page takes you behind the scenes and introduces a range of important concepts, techniques, and people instrumental in the production of dance. Video interviews allow you to meet the dancers up-close, learn how they became the artists they are, and hear about the influences in their lives that supported their pathways. The heart of the platform, How To Make A Dance: A Visual Guide provides a step-by-step process of how dances are constructed. 


This page is a library of dance films and a library of filmed dances. Highlighted films with voiceovers teach concepts such as form, partnering, counting, negative space, and a range of choreographic devices. To begin we encourage you to watch this list of eight narrated dances:


A rotating exclusive gallery, our inaugural exhibit features seven never-before-seen photographs by Christopher Duggan, the resident photographer of the esteemed and historic Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival.


On this page you have numerous opportunities to Dance With Us directly! The Company teaches its famous Chair Dance, a staple of programming since 2000. You can take an abbreviated class from our Platform Launch Party and learn some of Daniel’s choreography including a dance from the musical 42nd Street and the Company’s signature disco line dance The Bus Stop. Dance With Daniel is a weekly class you can sign up for online. More interactive content will be coming throughout the summer and fall of 2021.


Platform Tour


Hear Daniel speak with a Guest Artist about the platform!
Footage originally captured for the launch of Dance With Us.


The choreography that provides the content on the platform has been summarized by dance critic Deborah Jowitt as “blending casualness with precision.” The intersection of people is at the repertory’s heart, challenging risk-taking, speed, and trust as physical exemplars of the possible. For Daniel Gwirtzman, choreographer, company director, filmmaker, and dancer, “Dance is inherently optimistic and aspirational. It is through effort and determination that dancers come into being, overcoming gravity in the raising of a leg, jumping against the earth that roots us. The seemingly impossible becomes real through the fusion of our mind, body, and heart. Dancers know this fantastically rich existence and believe in the value of this for all.”

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