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Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company produced this film as part of its fifteenth anniversary season. Choreographer and dancer Daniel Gwirtzman had the opportunity to land on Brazilian soil. What is it to be a stranger in an unknown land? Chegada, meaning arrival in Portuguese, explores this separation between the familiar and the foreign, the arrival to a new place, and the effect on the body and mind that has traveled there. In Chegada, the body’s immersion into the natural landscape blends harmoniously. The film, shot in Bahia, Brazil, exploits nature as its collaborators: the sand, air, and water are the production elements, highlighting dramatic scenery and contrasts between intoxicating light and shade, a serene dreamscape allowing the viewer to vicariously enter a new soil.

Chegada was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Instituto Sacatar and The Sacatar Foundation.

Dance With Us Narration: Jovani Furlan

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