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On this page you have numerous opportunities to Dance With Us directly! The Company teaches its famous Chair Dance, a staple of programming since 2000. You can take an abbreviated class from our Platform Launch Party and learn some of Daniel’s choreography including a dance from the musical 42nd Street and the Company’s signature disco line dance The Bus Stop. Dance With Daniel is a weekly class you can sign up for online. More interactive content will be coming throughout the summer and fall of 2021.


A highlight of the Platform Launch, June 25-27, was our interactive Dance Party! Enjoy this 25-minute movement class which Daniel taught in real time online to our attendees. 

  • Warm up the body

  • Explore coordination and syncopation

  • Learn an excerpt from the musical-theater inspired 42nd Street

  • Learn the jazz dance Clap Hands

  • Follow along with the Company’s signature disco line dance, The Bus Stop

  • Cool Down with some light stretching



The Chair Dance provides an opportunity for audiences to learn choreography in their seats.


Daniel offers a range of private and group classes on Zoom and in person beginning Winter 2022.

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Rooted in Daniel’s contemporary choreography, this energetic master class challenges coordination, stamina, and speed. Daniel's class blends modern dance, theater dance, jazz dance, and folk dance, cultivating the physicality and the expressivity of the artist, blending virtuosity with pedestrianism, casualness with precision. It’s a great introduction to the style and repertory of Daniel’s choreography, which confronts the brain equal to the body with its unexpected weight shifts, changes of direction, and use of the full spectrum of speed. Intellectual explorations match physical ones, synthesizing complex coordination and rewiring the body to function outside that which it already knows. Musicality, rhythmic acuteness, and qualitative  are enhanced. The class cultivates a natural way of moving along with a stylized one, privileging all movement equally, encouraging the dancer to dance with individuality, precision, clarity, and intention. Rigorous, energetic, and fun!


To learn about scheduling a solo or group class with Daniel and the Company, please send a note of interest


Daniel and the Company have a long and rich history of producing live and remote interactive events. During the pandemic, many remote events occurred. If you are interested in organizing an event, whether it is a workshop, class, critique, lecture, performance, or community-engaging event such as Dance on the Green, the nonprofit is available to tailor a program that will best suit your needs.


Dance on the Green, a highly-interactive teaching event, creates inclusive spaces where diversity is celebrated. Designed to promote the physical and social benefits of communal dancing, and to increase an understanding of global culture, this program brings communities together through a common shared experience. The event teaches fun, simple-to-learn folk dances from around the world and introduces dances to people of differing physical abilities and dance backgrounds. Finding the greatest common denominator, and never dumbing things down, the program is audience-proof and a blast! With a long and varied history, DOTG has been replicated over the past two decades in a range of venues with a range of institutional partners including: the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation; Friends of Fort Tryon Trust; Manhattan’s Summer on the Hudson; University Settlement’s camp in Beacon, NY; The MV Preservation Trust in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard; The Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY; and various community centers, universities, colleges, and schools nationally and internationally. Over many years numerous programs have been produced such as Dance at the Park, Dance on the Water, and Dance at the Gym. Regardless of the name, the event has stayed the same, creating a vibrant, fun, multi-generational shared experience where everyone can join the dance. The event is central to the educational philosophy and programming of Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company.



Common shared experiences and global learning

A vivid example of teaching, service and professional work intersecting can be found with Dance on the Green, conceived to bring an entire campus community together through the teaching of folk and social dances, and to expose this community to a range of diverse cultures through dance and music. At Kennesaw State University, DOTG was held in the heart of the campus and became an instant success. In its second year the depth of the programming increased, involving a greater range of dance faculty and collaborators--students were involved in the planning, musicians accompanied the event--and intensifying its focus on global culture. Students, staff and faculty from all parts of the University learned dances from Africa, Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, and the US. In 2016 the critical and public attention grew, attracting front page coverage on The Marietta Daily Journal’s newspaper, including this slideshow on its website. The Weather Channel even showed up to film!

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