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Simon Phillips is inspired by the nature or sensation and physiological responses of the human body, Originally from Macon, Georgia, Phillips began dance training primarily for recreation. He attended Kennesaw State University, where he graduated with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and dance. His career brought him to Pittsburgh in 2017, where he has since worked as a dancer and teaching artist for organizations within the community.
"There are infinite possibilities and purposes in dance. I am empowered by the sense of personal control over these factors. Dance allows me to experience ideas holistically with body and mind. It connects me to the natural elements of this world and physical properties of my own present body. Dancing can be as grounding as it is transcendental. Life functions as a dance, even in ways we can’t perceive. I love sharing dances, creating new dances with friends, and exploring the dances that thrive around us every day." -Simon

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