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Referred to by the choreographer/filmmaker as an “amuse-bouche,” Parade was created as a curtain-opener for the platform’s launch, an overture to introduce the ensemble that is featured in the films Willow and Dollhouse. Set to an original score by composer Jeff Story, Parade is a celebration of summer, pride, dance, and the opening of Dance With Us.

Title: Parade
Choreography: Daniel Gwirtzman
Dancers: Dwayne Brown, Derek Crescenti, Ivy Harbour, Madison Hertel, Kaitlyn Jackson, Lydia Kelly,
Usman Ali Ishaq, Vanessa Martínez de Baños, Colin McKechnie, Julia Zoratto
Music: Jeff Story

Editing: Daniel Gwirtzman

Parade was produced thanks to the generous support of The Treman Center, Newfield, NY.


Hear Daniel speak with a Guest Artist about Parade!
Footage originally captured for the launch of Dance With Us.

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