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Before receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Troy University, Kenzie Haynes trained for 15 years as a competitive dancer in Nashville, TN. In her time at TROY, Kenzie had the unique opportunity to focus her training not only in all genres of dance, but in pedagogy and administration. At TROY, she also found time to collaborate with the theatre side of the department and gained invaluable experience in musical theatre and commercial dance. Kenzie has had the privilege of working closely with many instructors including Dominique Angel, Adria Ferrali, Beth Gill, Takehiro Ueyama, Kyle Abraham, and Dante Puleio. After graduation, she ventured to New York City where she performed professionally, primarily, in modern dance. Kenzie has travelled to train and perform around the world in programs such as the American Dance Festival in Durham, North Carolina, to the DAP Festival in Pietrasanta, Italy, and many more. She joined Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company for season performances at the Battery Dance Festival and the Fringe Festival in the fall of 2018. She has recently returned to pursue her dream of dance education, working to make dance accessible in Nashville. 

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