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Filmed in an eccentric interior, a series of vignettes animate an eclectic cast of ten in this dollhouse which comes to life. Dollhouse toys with the trope of a traveling troupe of performers seeking to entertain, challenging the viewer to determine for whom the performance is happening, questioning the perspectives of performance itself. Colorful, humorous, moody, and exuberant, Dollhouse features unmasked dancers in proximate relationships set to a breakneck version of Gershwin’s I Got Rhythm, played by pianist Jonny May.

Title: Dollhouse
Choreography: Daniel Gwirtzman
Dancers: Dwayne Brown, Derek Crescenti, Ivy Harbour, Madison Hertel, Kaitlyn Jackson, Lydia Kelly,
Usman Ali Ishaq, Vanessa Martínez de Baños, Colin McKechnie, Julia Zoratto
Production Lead: Brian Hanshaw
Camera: Jacob Mroczek & Steven Pisano
Composers: George Gershwin & Jeff Story
Pianist: Jonny May

Editing: Daniel Gwirtzman & Jacob Mroczek

Dollhouse was produced thanks to the generous support of The Treman Center, Newfield, NY.


Hear Daniel speak with a Guest Artist about Dollhouse!
Footage originally captured for the launch of Dance With Us.

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