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The Lecture


Welcome to The Lecture!

Released for the first time, The Lecture, an evening-length solo that premiered at The Ailey Citigroup Theater in 2010 mixes the serious with the comic, the existential with the everyday. Set to a score of pre-recorded lectures by university professors, The Lecture marries the intellectual and the physical to explore a variety of subjects including the history of language, the science of happiness, the nature of abstraction, mathematics, human evolution, and dreams.

Conception/Choreography/Direction/Performance: Daniel Gwirtzman

Music: Lew Pollack, Jeff Story, Stravinsky, D. Scarlatti, Tetsu Inoue
Rehearsal Direction/Assistant to the Choreographer: Madeline Hoak
Stage Management: Kristine Ayers
Lighting: Al Crawford
Score: Daniel Gwirtzman
Additional Sound Editing: Jeff Story
Animation: Oval Loop
Assistants to the Director: Niambi Cachioli, Hannah Beth Capin

Publicity: ThatGirl006/Torya Beard
The Lecture Photography: Stefanos Milkidis, Ryu Cruz
Graphic Design: Michael Galanis
Concert Videography: Kamil Dobrowolski
Concert Photography: Gretchen Handler
Program Design: Alan Camuto

Editing: Daniel Gwirtzman

Production: Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company

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