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Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company produced Street, a dance film by New York choreographer, dancer and director Daniel Gwirtzman. Shot in Key West, Street is a whimsical portrait of two dancers that juxtaposes the rehearsing of a focused duet with the incessant street traffic of a vibrant, bustling place. Pedestrians, cars, the roar of the airplanes, and the jangling bells of cyclists provide a relentlessly bold and colorful environment. Humorous and intense, the dancers repeat intricate partnering against a backdrop of interruptions, embracing the extreme summer heat, the limited unconventional spaces, and the exposure to the unknown. The film documents the disciplined patience of dancers and their idiosyncratic proficiencies along with the annoyances and difficulties they endure.

Street provides glimpses into the working process of professional dance while making a statement about the primacy of art in everyday life. Taking dance to the streets is unexpected in this context, yet through the camera this displacement starts to look natural, and the man-made objects which consistently fill it (streets are for cars, not people) seem out of place. The usual is disrupted and questioned with this public expression.

Daniel choreographed and filmed Street while an artist in residence at The Studios of Key West in collaboration with the dancer Kyla Piscopink.

The film premiered July 2017 at The Studios of Key West, FL. Its mainland debut was in New York City August 8, 2017 at Lovecraft, 50 Avenue B in Manhattan.

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