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No Trespassing


Filmed on location in an abandoned barn in the northern California mountains, No Trespassing, features acclaimed dancer and choreographer Daniel Gwirtzman in an extended solo, filmed in one take. The site-specific film exploits the wide central space of the barn as well as its peripheral idiosyncratic elements, including a large pile of stones, holes in the barn's exterior walls, beams, and ledges. No Trespassing stands as an antidote to the highly-edited films current in popular culture, relying on Gwirtzman's craft and videographer Stefanos Milkidis' carefully considered camera, which dances alongside. No Trespassing has screened in various festivals including the American Dance Festival's International Screendance Festival in Durham, North Carolina (July 2013). The film was later selected for a DVD Screendance Anthology produced by the American Dance Festival.

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