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Camo Man Dances


Camouflage is the costume dancer Daniel Gwirtzman adopts for his latest film. Shot on location in Ucross, Wyoming, at The Ucross Foundation's expansive compound of 20,000 private acres, Camo Man is out in the wild. Toggling between a signature humor and a serious commitment to the art of contemporary modern dance, Camo Man Dances plays with the viewer's expectations. Says the choreographer:

"Camouflage means something different to everyone. For hunters, the clothing is part of their way of life. For the general consumer, it has become a norm in fashion, with endless variations available. I was interested in exploring this concept of blending in as a metaphor for the ability to transform one's identity," said Daniel Gwirtzman. "While hunters were shooting deer on the sublime property, I was shooting the deer with my camera. The shocking irony of this resonated viscerally, as I would hear the gunshots while in the act of capturing them, and creating choreography based on their movements. Five weeks in isolation on the property provided many moments to observe and research their behavior. The residency staff advised me to wear orange so they would not have the casualty of a wounded artist under their watch! After shooting I would go into town and shop for groceries in my costume, while others were wearing the same garb as their daily uniform. The contrast between these perspectives toward nature informed the piece, which investigates the essence of blending in and standing out."

Premiere Date: October 31, 2021
Conception/Direction/Choreography/Photography/Videography/Editing/Performance: Daniel Gwirtzman
The film was made possible from a fellowship Daniel received from the Ucross Foundation, where he was in residence for five weeks in November of 2018. This footage is being released for the first time.

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