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Shot in the Ionian islands of Greece, Balcony features dancer Daniel Gwirtzman moving fluidly on a balcony perched over lush mountains. The balcony’s personal space suggests a portal onto a larger world, an escape from it, a cage, a stage, contrasting intimacy and expansiveness, limitlessness and confinement. Balcony surrenders to the borders of space, actual and imagined, finding comfort in the isolated trappings of one’s mind and body. The different perspectives of Gwirtzman’s movements suggest this alternation between the private and the public, one’s interior monologue and that which one broadcasts to others.

Produced by Daniel Gwirtzman Dance Company.
Year of Production: 2015
Cinematographer: Stefanos Milkidis
Choreographer: Daniel Gwirtzman
Original Score: Paul Stevens
Editor: Daniel Gwirtzman
Made possible by the Sfakiotes Residency Programme in Lefkada, Greece.

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